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Reflections of the Feminine, the Goddess Within

Introduction to the use of Feminine Archetypes in Art

"On our water planet, she is a stormy sea, a deep fathomless pool, a flowing river, a warm, steady rain. She quenches fire, absorbs its energy and generates new life. She is the egg of new life."

A guiding principle in our work is to visually represent the Feminine, with one eye on classic archetypal patterns, while also including important feminine types that we have met in our profession as psychotherapists. Some of the types we symbolize are not exclusively feminine, but represent the endless challenge to balance the Self through the integration of masculine and feminine energies.

"Reflections of the Feminine" are works that represent many of the core qualities of the Feminine and the many ways those qualities are expressed. Some pieces reflect the difficult challenge of integrating masculine energies into the feminine heart, while others reflect success.

The wise (whole) human is one that can call upon either feminine or masculine energies as needed, creating a person for all seasons, yet not lose the essence of their basic core. While integrating masculine and feminine archetypal patterns is a long journey, seldom done perfectly, we are drawn to the effort.

Although simple to say, there is no greater, nor sweeter, challenge than the union of the man and woman and the integration of the masculine and the feminine. The tension, emotion and desire, created by the friction of these opposite energies is the "stuff" of life.

The Use of Human Figures in Art

The ideas, beliefs and struggles of the human being through time are most profoundly and most permanently represented by artists that utilized human figures as symbols of great meaning.

We find the human figure the most powerful and aesthetic form to communicate the metaphoric meaning of the art we attempt. We seek to create a visual symbolic juxtaposition of human archetypes to give meaning and depth to each piece.

If we are successful, the art will possess a numinous quality, that resonates with ancient images and memories buried deep in the collective unconscious mind of the viewer. Yet, there is color and form, attractive to the eye, holding a glance a moment longer.

When we notice someone paying particular attention to one of our pieces, we often ask if a story comes to mind as they study an image. We enjoy discovering the subjective meaning the piece has for the viewer.

The Dance of the Ying and the Yang: Feminine vs Masculine Energies

Living things (mammals) exist as one of two genders, male or female. Each gender manifests distinctly different core characteristics. Yet, as a balanced, highly functioning person, in a complex society, you will have integrated some of the qualities of both the masculine and the feminine.

While masculine and feminine characteristics are very different, nature meant them to be complementary. The feminine with her womb creates and nurtures life, while the masculine with his sword protects and provides. If you are a woman, you will be guided instinctually by the Feminine principle. As you grow, you will expand your Self to include aspects of the masculine that may be integrated into your feminine base. You may admire certain masculine qualities, yet not want to incorporate them into your fundamental structure. You as the feminine may want the power of the sword but may rightfully fear the effect of the hard, cold steel (a weapon) on the nurturing quality of your core feminine.

Shadow of Art and Mind

Thanks to Carl Jung, we may think of the Shadow as the hidden, rejected or repressed part of the human mind. It is that part of ourself that is out of touch with our conscious awareness, yet regularly sets the course for our life, often creating and fueling events that place us haplessly in a cosmic drama that we do not realize we invent. Is there value in knowing your shadow?

The shadow in art offers an oblique glance of an inner aspect of the self. While its form is clean and simple, the meaning it may carry is beyond any single projection. Sweet or sour, good or evil, the metaphoric shadow in art has its special way of offering its knowledge.

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