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Customs: Place Transformation

We enjoy dramatic transformations of places we visit, turning them into a creative fantasy of beauty, activity and ambiance.

We have many such images of the Old Town Area but can also do this for your business, home or special place.


The photo to the left is of the Opera Alley Bistro in Eureka.

We took a day time image of the Bistro and created an image that

reflects an outdoor evening with a French atmosphere.

The owners, as well as many of the folks that work there, agreed to

wear costumes and model for us to include in the final painting.

We produced the 16" x 24" painting on canvas, hand-painted with

acrylics, and framed it in an elegant black and gold frame. The painting,

"Midnight Merlot," can be seen at the Opera Alley Bistro in Old Town.

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