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Custom Art: Photo Restoration

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The following section of custom art demonstrates some of the steps we take in transforming old photos into framed art. Varied methods

completing the transformations are demonstrated. All of the final examples have been produced on canvas, framed, and protected with

acylic paint. Keep in mind that the original art has more vivid colors and textures than is displayed in the optimized web version. Enjoy!




The above 3" x 5" photo was taken in 1934. The customer wanted us to restore it, add

color, and produce a framed art piece on canvas using whatever methods we felt would work

The image was in very poor condition, was missing considerable detail and had lighting problems.

We began by repairing as much detail as possible and adjusting the lighting. We then hand-
colored the car and the woman.

Next, we replaced the back-
ground with something that
would enhance the composition and compliment the setting.

As the face and car still lacked
the quality desired, the entire image waspainted, produced
on canvas and framed with a simple black, wood frame.


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