Reflections Of The Feminine

We believe that the feminine psyche is a much deeper pool then is generally realized and appreciated.

Our intention is to use symbols that are universal, some may be conscious while others are instinctual or unconscious.

We enjoy stirring the the viewer's imagination in galleries where a visitor may be momentarily captured by the image, resonating

to its color and form and embedded symbolism. This series is a work in progress that will never

be completed as there are unlimited ways of presenting the feminine.

For additional information on the archetypes of the feminine.


She Is Us

The Quest For
The Goddess Within

The Feminine, The Beautiful


Like A Dream

Metaphoria - Feminine Story Art
Symbols and Patterns Of The Inner Self
Classic Feminine Archetypes


Spring Break

The Dance Of The Feminine
Shadow & Dance Art
Performer Archetype






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