Artists, Bob & Donna Sellers
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About The Artists

Bob & Donna Sellers



Our work reflects our interest in Jungian symbolism and imagery that stimulates the imagination and evokes a resonance within the viewer. Our work has evolved into two main series of images, "Imaginative Story Art," and "Reflections of the Feminine." In both series we use people and animals to reflect our intention and to connect with the viewer, always with an eye to symbolic meanings and unconscious possibilities.

Our intention is to infuse our art with feeling tone, color intensity and particular themes that encourage the viewer's imagination to go beyond that experienced in normal reality. We use strong colors in our work to encourage the viewer's imagination.

Reflections of the Feminine

During our many years of practice in psychotherapy, utilizing the expressive arts, we have been privileged to meet the endless variations of the human psyche. With our art, we are able to reflect some of these patterns of energy known as the Feminine, fully realizing that a work of this nature could never be complete. Our intention is to create a body of work that reflects a range of feminine archetypes (roles that are universal).

"She awakens from the cool clay of the earth to express her limitless ways of being. She projects her instincts, her powers, showing her inner conflicts, and her evolving sense of self, without surrendering the right to her paradoxical, mysterious nature. She remains beyond definition." (Bob Sellers)

Imaginative Story Art

In addition to the Feminine series, we have focused on producing art that reflects the wonderful area in which we live, including the feelings and flavors of "Old Town, Eureka," the marinas, and the boats on Humboldt Bay. We also have included in this series, paintings that have emerged from our travels to other coastal communities
such as Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and Victoria, Canada.

Our Process

Each art piece comes alive in our imagination before it ever finds its way onto canvas. Our process begins by setting up scenes, working with models, making or finding costumes, and finding props. To transform our imagination into a visual medium, we use photography, photo montages, Photoshop and Coral Painter. The last step involves hand painting with acrylics to add even greater depth, vibrancy and color to our art.

Our work is a synthesis of our skills in painting (both digitally and with acrylic paint), photography, printing, gardening, and handcrafts. We enjoy discovering new expressions through experimentation. We have formal training in many of the above skills but have learned mostly through the discovery process. True art evolves first from the passion of creating.


Bob has always possessed a very active visual imagination. While working as a therapist, he employed his abilities to develop unique forms of expressive therapy. In particular, he utilized symbol and metaphor both in his therapeutic work with metaphoric psychodrama and in his guided creative, fictionally writing with clients. This processes were a means to engage the client in a creative and active way in their own personal evolution. As an artist, he constructs his images to include powerful
visual symbols, embedding rich, psychological metaphors in the art.

Donna's past experiences as a mind-body therapist and dancer has contributed to an interest in using movement and the body to communicate feelings. Their Shadow Art Series demonstrates the power of expressive feeling combined with color, light and form.

We are members of the Redwood Arts' Association and past members of Old Town Art Gallery and the Humboldt Arts Council in Eureka. Donna was a past member of the Eureka Art & Culture Commission. We have enjoyed participating in Arts' Alive each month and exhibiting our work in Eureka and Arcata the past few years.

We have exhibited in many juried fine art and photography shows and have won several awards including two Grand Prize Awards. To find out where our art can be seen, visit our Exhibit page or make an appointment to come to our home gallery.

Working Together

Many people have expressed curiosity about our working relationship. While we have a similar professional background, each of us brings a unique way of using the expressive arts from our practice as therapists, as well as our own individual approaches to the creative process. Once we worked out a compatible way of combining our individual talents and interests, we were able to expand our creative expression in new and varied ways.

A single composite (montage) often involves many skills that neither one of us could produce entirely by ourselves. Capturing the images (photography), setting up shoots with models, creating costumes, and making props, are some of the preliminary steps we may take before we can bring the images to life in visual, artistic form. While
often beginning with a basic concept or theme, our final images contain many surprises, reflecting the synergy of our energies and the creative process.

Our real secret, for working together successfully, is the love and respect we have for each other and the importance of having fun with whatever we do. We are fortunate to have found a common passion which we enjoy sharing with each other. Sharing with others is a bonus. We find many reasons to celebrate, whether it be the completion of a new art piece, participating in an exhibit, or passing on a painting to someone who resonates to the meaning of the work.