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Dollar Margaritas

Romantic Story Art

Autumn On Woodley Island

Reflections of Coastal Waters


Beyond The Golden Cage

Reflections Of The Feminine

The metaphoric art of Bob and Donna Sellers may inspire tales of the romantic past, touch your emotions or suggest imaginative stories.
The series focusing on feminine archetypes invites you to participate on the deepest level of your being, to create your own story, and to encourage a journey into your imagination.
Our primary work draws from the realm of the Goddess and has evolved from a combination of our background, our imagination and our life experiences. For us, art is a way of expressing what was and what will be, where the obvious is less valued and the mystery is honored, leading to the possibility of enchantment. We seek to activate the "not you," to encourage you to step outside your usual role and realize that you are capable of reinventing yourself and can do whatever you choose. We have found that using Jungian symbolism, imagery and metaphor encourages this imaginative journey. We use a variety of artististic methods to evoke feelings, meaning and creative possibilities including painted montages, strong color and psychodramatic scenes. Our art appeals to those who wish to travel outside their usual story, thereby creating greater self-knowlege and flexibility while traveling the journey of life. We honor imagination as a source of creative expression and an aspect of the Goddess which is within all of the feminine.


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